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Sprints Gets New Format & Increased Track Time for '24

February 16, 2024

Queensland Raceway's Sprints product has been increasing in popularity over the last 12 months, and for '24, exciting new changes mean that customers will be receiving increased track-time!

Previously run over 4 x Sessions, the new format for '24 sees the product increase to 6 x Sessions.

For Weekend Sprints & Midweek Sprints, the product will increase from utilizing 2 x Track Layouts to 3 x Track Layouts as per the below Schedule:

2 x Sessions on the Sprint Layout

2 x Sessions on the Clubman Layout

2 x Sessions on the new Switchback Layout

For Night Sprints, this event will remain on the Clubman Layout, but will increase to 6 Sessions counting for points.

As always, a Passenger Session will be run at the conclusion of the points scoring sessions, with bonus laps on offer if time is permitting.

For more information on the Queensland Raceway Sprints Products, head to the Sprints Page on the Queensland Raceway Website.


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