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Learner Drive Nights

Learner Drive Nights

Learner Drive Nights are an experience night for learner drivers in a controlled, safe environment. Learn how to act and respond to Emergency Vehicles & Personnel in on-road simulations. Build confidence in your dealings with those that are here to keep you safe!

The purpose of this course is to provide familiarisation for learner drivers when faced with Emergency Vehicles & Personnel. From pulling out of the way to allow emergency vehicles to pass, to the act of being pulled over, the interaction and RBT processes. Learners will be briefed in a short classroom environment before heading out on to the Queensland Raceway Circuit for the driving activities. This opportunity allows learners to become confident in their actions when faced with flashing lights and sirens; as well as what to expect when interacting with emergency staff.

What will you learn and experience?

  • What to expect when emergency vehicles approach
  • Your responsibilities when emergency vehicles approach
  • How to let emergency vehicles pass
  • Experience emergency vehicles passing enroute to a job
  • RBT interactions and simulations
  • Experience and learn what to do when being pulled over by emergency personnel
  • Safe practices when dealing with emergency situations
  • Understand your responsibilities in an situation when interacting with emergency personnel

Essential Information

Schedule of Events and Registration

When creating an account and entering, please ensure it is the Learner Driver’s details being used.

Do not enter under the name of the supervisor.

Five groups of 40 learners (and their supervisor) will each have an hour for their experience.

Starting with a short classroom style briefing, police will advise of the “Do” and “Do Nots” of Emergency Vehicle interactions, and provide information for the on-track proceedings.

Learners will then take their own vehicles, with their supervisors alongside and head on track. Police will activate lights and sirens, simulating that the Learner needs to move out of the way as the Emergency Vehicle is enroute to a job.

From here, police will filter through the cars and pull every driver over intermittently, showing them safe procedures, and what to expect when being pulled over.

There are 5 groups. Group 1 begins at 5pm and they run hourly until Group 5 begins at 9pm.

Registration opens 1 hour prior to your session.

You must hold a Learner or higher driver’s license to participate.

This event is targeted at Learner drivers, but if you are a young driver on your Ps, or even someone that’s been driving for some time, you can still

participate. Only Learner Drivers would be required to have their supervising driver attend.

Supervisors must be at least 25 years of age, and have held a valid OPEN driver’s license for at least 12 months.

No motorsport license is required.


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