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Super Bike Experience
The Ride Of Your Life!

Superbike Experience

In partnership with Addicted to Track, Queensland Raceway brings you the pillion-ride Superbike Experience. Riding pillion with ex MotoGP and World Superbike racer Anthony West, this is an experience that will offer you an insight into the world of motorbike racing and provide a memory that will last forever!

Anthony will expertly take you around the track for 3 laps, at speeds of up to 280km/hr! We’ll provide you with all the instructions and safety gear you need (though feel free to bring your own riding gear if you’ve got it).

Pillion restrictions

  • Max Height: 179cm
  • Max Weight: 95kg – 100k
  • Minimum age 16 years and above

See below for further medical exclusions and experience details.

Spectators are welcome.

Corporate Bookings

Superbike Experience offers corporate bookings for organisations looking for an excellent team bonding outing that their customers, employees, sponsors or friends and family will never forget. Catering and Corporate Suites also available.

Key Information

Safety Requirements

The following criteria are based on the suitability for pillion passengers participating in the QR Moto Pillion Ride Program. These items are to ensure the safety of rider, passenger and equipment.

  • Max Height: 179cm
  • Max Weight: 95kg – 100k
  • Minimum age 16 years and above

Medical Exclusions

  • Any Current Medication that may cause drowsiness
  • Any Medical Conditions affecting balance, (Vestibulitis)
  • No Extreme high blood pressure, (Uncontrolled hypertension)
  • No Epileptic Seizures
  • No Blood Thinning Medication or Antiplatelets (Warfarin, Clopidogrel). Aspirin is OK
  • No Musculoskeletal Conditions affecting strength in limbs and torso.
  • No Fractures
  • Must have reasonable level of exercise tolerance (General Health Fitness)
  • No Invasive Spinal Surgery (including fusions, stabilizations & metalwork implanted in spine)
  • No Concussion within the last 30 days
  • No Serious Head Injury Symptoms


  • Report to the Sign-On Office at the allocated time.
  • Undertake a medical examination by QR medical provider who will check your medical history and blood pressure.
  • Once cleared by QR Medical head back to the Sign-On office to sign-on, complete a recreational one-day license application form and receive a wrist band.
  • Get dress in the required safety equipment QR Supplies leathers, boots, gloves, helmet.
  • Once it’s time for your ride you will be escorted to pit lane to meet your rider.
  • The rider and Event Manger will brief you prior to mounting the motorcycles.

The Ride

There will be only 1 bike on the track at any one time. The rider Is highly experienced in both racing and taking pillions. Pillion rides will be 3 laps – a warm-up lap and a fast lap and then cool down Lap. Prior to the on-track experience, all pillions will be briefed.

The key points are:

  • Hold on as instructed.
  • Place feet firmly on the foot pegs
  • Lean with the rider around turns.

Bring With You

  • Motorcycling Australia License (if you have one)
  • Pants, socks, long sleeved top
  • Leathers, gloves, helmet, boots (if you have them) If not we will supply


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