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Morning Drift Sessions /Friday Nights

Friday Nights

Friday Night Drifts brings some of the best drivers in Queensland for a show of tyre smoke and engine noise while also giving beginners & new-comers the chance to get behind the wheel of their own car to put their driving to the test.

Queensland Raceway is the place to be on a Friday night with plenty of action for spectators and plenty of track time for drivers. Four events a year, with the drift playground set-up for amateur drivers to acquire their qualification, and the main track for experienced drifters.

You can run solo, or with a buddy! Line-up & have a go as many times as you like! Drift Playground will also be open all night!

  • Gates open from 4pm, On track from 6pm
  • Track closes 10pm

Passengers are allowed see requirements below.

Morning Drift Sessions

Morning Drift Sessions offer drivers and spectators a more laidback event for experienced drivers, held about once a month.

Start lines are moved back to provide a better run up for those experienced who are chasing a faster entry.

Good vibes are the order of the day and with two circuit layouts run simultaneously. To drive at a Morning Session, you need to be qualified as an experienced driver by Queensland Raceway. If you are new to drifting, check-out our facebook page Drift Nation Australia.

Track & Run Details

  • Single and tandem runs are allowed
  • Morning Session events allow entrants to drift Turn 6
  • Start lines are longer for experienced drifters chasing faster entries

Passengers are allowed see requirements below.

Essential Information

Passenger Requirements

  • Passenger bands are $20 per person (purchased at the track on the day)
  • Photo ID
  • Must be over the age of 7 and at least 120cm tall
  • All passengers under 18-years-old need to have parental permission. Legal guardians must sign the indemnity form and produce their Photo ID and proof of guardianship, For example a Medicare card listing themselves and the child.
  • Full-length clothing, Enclosed Shoes and AS/NZS1698 helmet or equivalent. No singlets, T-shirts or shorts allowed.
  • An AS/NZS 1698 Standard helmet or equivalent
  • There is only one passenger allowed at once in a car.

Driver Requirements

  • Drivers have to be over the age of 16
  • Minimum clothing requirement for this event is long sleeve shirt (covering to wrists), long pants (covering to ankle) and enclosed shoes.
  • An AS/NZS 1698 Standard helmet or equivalent
  • AASA General Speed Licence Visit ASAA
  • Photo ID
  • All drivers under 18-years-old need to have parental permission. Legal guardians must sign the indemnity form and produce their Photo ID and proof of guardianship, For example a Medicare card listing themselves and the child.

Car Requirements

  • No loose items in the vehicle
  • No major oil leaks
  • No scraping parts
  • Battery attached securely
  • Taped battery terminals
  • Windscreen has cleared vision – no cracks
  • If Exhaust/screamer through the bonnet, must be in safe position and sit behind strut towers
  • Must have firewall between occupants & Fuel System (or fuel system must be full enclosed)

Extras Available

  • Garage hire is available if required
  • Helmet hire is available at sign on ($5 and photo ID held as deposit)
  • Tyre changing facilities are available if required ($25 a tyre fitted)

Order of Events

On the Day

Online entries close on the day of the event at the following times: 6am for Morning Drift Sessions and 2pm for Friday Drift Nights.

1. Gates Open

Gates open at 7am (Morning Drift Sessions) and 4pm (Friday Drift Nights). Driver’s names & spectator tickets will be listed at the gate when they arrive.

2. Wrist Bands

Drivers will proceed to the container to complete the sign-on process. Showing our staff their AASA competitors’ licence and photo ID, they will then receive a wrist band.

3. Drivers Briefing

Briefings will start from 7:45am (Morning Drift Sessions) and 5:00pm (Friday Drift Nights), drivers must attend a briefing, once completed they will be given a second wrist band.

4. Passenger Wrist Band

Passengers will need to fill out a passenger indemnity form and show staff their photo ID to receive their wrist band.

5. Tracks Are Open

Pitlane exit will open at 8:00am (Morning Drift Sessions), for Friday Drift Nights the Drift Playground will open 6:00pm, drivers and passengers should have their wristbands visible at the start points.

6. Ending

Depending on schedule, track activities will finish at 12noon (Morning Drift Sessions) and 10pm (Friday Drift Nights) bringing an end to the action.


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