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Learn To Drift Experience

On Track Drift is Queensland’s top drift school and experience provider with well over a decade in business.

Led by Eugene Arendsen known for his stunt work in roles such as the lead double in MAD MAX Fury Rd to BLACKLIGHT (Liam Neeson double).

Eugene and his team of expert drifters and instructors guide participants through the experience. Your instructor will teach you, one on one in the car talking you through the steps.

Learn to drift like a professional or just experience some sideways action from the passenger seat, On Track Drift has an option for you.

Let's Get You Sideways!

Participants will learn how to drift from some of the best professional drift, stunt, and motorsport drivers in the country. Instructors will teach participants one on one in the car talking them through each step.

After a safety briefing and introduction to these superb drift cars our professional instructors will begin with the drift basics. You will start with the handbrake using it deftly to warm up with some 90 degree handbrake slides.

Once you’re getting confident with the handbrake you will move on to barrel turns, figure 8’s and tandem drift doughnuts. You will practice each manoeuvre before moving on to the next and once you have completed them all you will be ready to put them all together in the short course Drift-khana!

Get in the drivers’ seat and experience some of the most heart racing moments of your life!

Key Information

Driver & Passenger Requirements (All Drift Events)

  • Photo ID.
  • Voucher or booking confirmation.
  • Drivers: need to hold a minimum of a current learner’s licence and 50 logbook hours.
  • Passengers: Must be over the age of 7.
  • All drivers/passengers under 18-years-old need to have parental permission. Legal guardians must sign the indemnity form and produce their
  • Photo ID and Medicare listing themselves and the child.
  • Minimum clothing requirement for this event is long sleeve shirt (covering to wrists), long pants (covering to ankle) and enclosed shoes.
  • Balaclava (Can be purchased on the day for $10).

On the day of the event

1. Arrival

For Full Day Drift Experiences, or Morning Sessions registrations start at 9am.

For afternoon sessions, registration is from 1pm. The experience takes place at the driver training facility, which is straight ahead from the main car park.

2. Registration

Participants will need to show their Photo ID and provide their voucher or booking confirmation at our sign on desk.

3. Driver Briefing

All drivers will be given a concise briefing, explaining what to expect from their experience and outlining any safety details.

4. Groupings

Each participant will share a vehicle in a group of 3-4 others, rotating through the day as the progress through the course.

5. Refreshments

Lunch, drinks and snacks will be available throughout the day for participants to enjoy.

6. Passenger Laps

After each participant has made their way through the course, they’ll be strapped into some passenger laps to get a feel for how the professionals attack the short course.


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