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Queensland Raceway Revs Up with Christmas Upgrades: Paddock Expansion and Track Resurfacing

February 18, 2024

Queensland Raceway recently unveiled a series of exciting upgrades over the Christmas break, enhancing both infrastructure and racing quality. The paddock saw the addition of concreted areas, expanding hardstand and parking facilities for teams and spectators. Meanwhile, critical sections of the track, including Turn 3 and Turn 6, received resurfacing work to improve grip and consistency.

These upgrades reflect Queensland Raceway's commitment to meeting the growing demand from the motorsport community. By introducing expanded paddock facilities and maintaining top-notch track conditions, the raceway ensures a world-class experience for competitors and spectators alike.

The strategic timing of these improvements during the Christmas period minimizes disruption to regular racing activities while maximizing their impact. These enhancements position Queensland Raceway for continued growth and success in the competitive motorsport landscape, promising an exhilarating racing experience for all in the upcoming season.


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