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27th Sep 2021
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27th Sep 2021
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27th Sep 2021
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27th Sep 2021
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27th Sep 2021
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27th Sep 2021
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It's time to pit car and driver against the stopwatch!



The Queensland Raceway Sprint Series' pit you and your car against the stopwatch.

There are three Sprint Series' that run over the course of the year. Midweek and Night sprints which are 6 events held over the 12 months, and Weekend sprints, which has 12 dates.

Drivers put together their best laps and look to beat their PB’s for trophies.

Points are awarded to the fastest drivers in each category at every event, with overall winners announced at the end of the year.

Sprints are an excellent introduction to circuit driving as well as a way of benchmarking your progress as you gain confidence.

Midweek Sprint Dates:
Feb 9 - Apr 6 - Jun 1 - Jul 6 - Sep 14 - Nov 16

Night Sprint Dates:
Feb 17 - Apr 14 - Jun 16 - Aug 18 - Oct 20 - Dec 8

Weekend Sprint Dates:
Jan 23 - Feb 5 - Feb 20 - Apr 2 - May 8 - Jun 4
Jul 9 - Aug 27 - Sep 3 - Oct 1 - Nov 5 - Nov 26

Day of the event

On the day of the event, drivers will receive an email with information regarding remote sign on.

1. Gates opening

Gates open at 7:00am.

2. sign on up to an hour before track opens

Drivers who have done the remote sign on just need to show their competitors’ licence and photo ID to our staff.

3. WRISTBANDS & EQuipment

Drivers will be given a wristband. Timing equipment can be purchased or hired at sign on.  

Car numbers may also be collected.


The Driver’s Briefing will take place half an hour before the track opens.


The first group will be sent out on track at 1pm for Midweek and Weekend sprints, and 6pm for Night Sprints.


Midweek & Weekend Sprints

will end at 4:30pm.

Night Sprints finish at 10pm.


rider groups

Please be aware that if, in our discretion, we decide that the group you are in is either too fast or too slow for you then you may be reallocated to a more suitable group.

Yellow (Group 1)
Green (Group 2)
Blue (Group 3)
Red (Group 4)

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Midweek Sprints

Midweek Sprints are held on Wednesdays, roughly every two months. There are 6 ‘Midweek Sprint’ events throughout 2022.

4 x 5 lap sessions are delivered which count for points. These sessions are 2 x Sprint then 2 x Clubman layouts.

We will then have a short Passenger Lap Session followed by bonus laps on the Clubman layout with the remaining time available.


Weekend Sprints

Weekend Sprints are held on weekend days, with roughly one event per month. There are 12 ‘Weekend Sprint’ events hroughout the 2022.

4 x 5 lap sessions are delivered which count for points. These sessions are 2 x Sprint then 2 x Clubman layouts. We will then have a short Passenger Lap Session followed by bonus laps on the National layout with the remaining time available.

We also hold a a General Practice morning before every Weekend Sprint, with a discount for entering both through our online system.

Night Sprints

As the name suggest, Night Sprints are held at night time! We run these on Thursday evenings, roughly every two months. There are 6 ‘Night Sprint’ events throughout 2022.

 4 x 5 lap sessions are delivered under lights which count for points followed by a short passenger session. We will then round out the remaining time with bonus laps.

The track layout for Night Sprints is the Clubman Circuit for the whole evening.

Drivers NEED

  • Minimum clothing requirement for this event is long sleeve shirt (covering to wrists), long pants (covering to ankles) and enclosed shoes.
  • An AS/NZS 1698 Standard helmet or equivalent
  • Competition licence (RACERS Clubman licence)
  • Photo ID

Drivers will require a timing transponder for this event. These are available to hire or purchase from our staff. We are also able to check your transponder if required.

You may elect to not receive times in a Sprint event, please let us know at sign on.

All drivers will need to display a unique number on their car during the event.

The classes for point allocations are as follows:

Registered Vehicles

1.           Street 4 Cyl(S4)
2.           Street 6 Cyl(S6)
3.           Street 8 Cyl(S8)

 Unregistered Vehicles

4.           Race 4 Cyl (R4)
5.           Race 6 Cyl (R6)
6.           Race 8 Cyl (R8)

 Turbo/Supercharged vehicles are moved up to the next group.
vehicles are moved up to the next group, if forced induction, then they move up again.
vehicles start in S6 or R6, Turbo Rotariesare moved up to S8 or R8.
Vehicles start in S6 or R6, may bereclassified due to performance.

Points are given accordingly per class:
20, 16, 14, 12, 11, 10, 9,8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, & 1
All entrants placing 15th or lower receive 1 point.


Trophies are awarded to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd per class.


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How does timing work?

Timing is done through NATSOFT and we use Westhold transponders for the event. If you don’t have a transponder, you can purchase or hire one to receive timing. Your times are available live on the NATSOFT website or printed after each run.

How do groupings work?

If you don’t have track experience, please select the beginner group – this will ensure that you are given the space to be able to get comfortable driving on track. Intermediate – for vehicles and drivers that are capable of pushing themselves just that bit further but are going at a leisurely pace. Medium – Can include race cars and experienced drivers who understand their limits Fast – The most experienced drivers in high performance vehicles

How do I get a pit-bay?

Pit-bays are first come, first serve. You are welcome to set up in the pitlane for your event if there is space.

Will the event be cancelled if it rains?

We still run the event if it rains, we will only cancel if the track is deemed unsafe & unusable which is usually due to flooding or torrential rain. If we do cancel, all entrants will be contacted by QR staff to organise a credit.

I believe my points are wrong or that I am in the wrong category for the Sprints Series, what do I do?

Please contact our office so that we can investigate further. Email us on The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to have all the correct details for your vehicle loaded into your entry – make sure that it lists the capacity, turbo/no turbo and registration.

I’ve never been on track before, what should I know before entering the Sprints?

Sprints are our best option for drivers who don’t have track experience. The groupings are quite small, the event is highly regulated and you are able go at your own speed. You will need a helmet, your car should meet the sanctioning bodies’ standards and you will need to wear long sleeves, long pants, and enclosed shoes. Timing is optional, if you just want to find your feet, you don’t need to include timing in your event.

My friend & I share a car, can we both drive?

Yes, but both will need to pay & enter as a driver to be able to participate. Entry is by driver, not by vehicle. We will ensure that you will run in separate groups.

What’s the difference between Sprints and General Practice?

General Practice is not part of the series and is an open track day with all competitors and drivers welcome. Sprints offers timing, while there is no timing in General Practice. There are also monitored regulations regarding overtaking in Sprints – competitors are only allowed to overtake slower vehicles on the straights. The groupings are more defined and give everyone space and opportunity to enjoy the event to the best of their ability.

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